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2nd Battle of Spülge

The good Dietrich von Spülge and his Dreichholm Brigade crossed the Grühne River the day before, and now they were mounting a full attack on the positions of the Flossian 5th Klaußstadt Cavalry Brigade. They knew little of the enemy besides the stories of the soldiers who managed to escape through the bridge when the Flossians attacked the town, so von Spülge decided the matter should be handled with care.

The two infantry regiments formed two battle lines facing the town.

The Dragoon regiment's three battalions and the two Freelancer dragoon squadrons aided this line in the flanks and as reserve.

The cannon were set up right behind the dragoons, and, as they had no role to perform, the Pioneer battalion of Schlachtgruppe 2 was sent to defend them.

The Prinzess Angela Küirassieren were sent to the left flank.

On the far left, this being the only open flank (their right was protected by the river), a massed unit of Freelancer light cavalrymen and the three squadrons of Leibhussaren von Paulitz were set up.

The Flossian commander was smart enough to build redoubts and man them with the unmounted dragoons and carabiniers he had. 

While the main force of these regiments were formed into two field battalions, sixty men were to guard the inside of the town and hold the enemy advance back as long as possible.

The heavy cavalry along with the Hussars was sent to the far right.

To map the enemy positions, von Spülge sent out picquets.

The first one of the von Paulitz hussars quickly noticed the enemy redoubt and sent back a messenger with the news.

Now being quite sure where to press hard, General von Spülge sent the Freelancer dragoons waiting behind the foot to clear the town centre.

A firefight ensued and the Freelancers were proven worthy.

The small resistance of the Flossians was quite in vain.

After the errand noticed Dietrich von Spülge of the town being secure, he quickly sketched the possible outline of the enemy positions - after all, he knew the surroundings of his hometown quite well. The flashing of enemy cuirasses on the hill in front of the far left flank led him to the conlclusion that the light horse there must be reinforced.

The Prinzess Angela Küirassieren arrived just in time to intervene the enemy cavalry charge.

After a bloody hand-to-hand fighting it became clear that the Flossian heavy troops are far superior than the Böhnstadter.

They captured most of them, but von Paulitz has been killed and the leader of the Freelancers, Colonel Grebzau has been badly wounded.

After this, a ragged Flossian cavalry line was formed on the left end of the Böhnstadter main force.

The 3rd Schultzdorfer Regiment reacted smoothly and performed a well conducted maneuver. Luckily for them the cannon were sent to their flank earlier to shoot at the Flossian redoubt from a better position.

After the town was secured and the Freelancer dragoons made sure no enemy is past the Grühne bridge, with a bold decision von Spülge sent the whole dragoon regiment along with the Freelancers to circle around the redoubt and attack it from the rear after they heard the fourth volley of cannonshot hitting the Flossian positions.

Bravely - or insanely - the Flossian heavy cavalry launched an attack on the lines of the 3rd.

Losses had been terrible, but thanks to an early shot of canister most Flossians survived - many lay wounded on the battlefield. The 3rd stood their ground with the aid of the pioneers.

The 4th Cavalry Regiment's dragoons now stood up in battle formation, led by the honourable Lt. Col. Midnansk.

Bombarding began and the Flossian foot took heavy losses.

After the fourth volley hit, the troops were shattered and started routing.

Right into the attacking Böhnstadter dragoons.

This was a slaughterhouse again, and two Flossian commanders were killed as their soldiers dragged them along.


Principality casualties:

I Rgt./2. Pioneer btn.:1 wounded.
3rd (Schultzdorfer) Rgt. of Foot: 29 dead, 60 wounded.
5. Rgt. Kav. Leibhussaren von Paulitz 30 dead/wounded, 170 retaken, von Paulitz: Dead.
2. Rgt. Kav. Prinzess Angela Küirassieren: 15 dead, 165 retaken.
 4. Rgt. Kav. Dragoner: 7 dead.
Freelancer LC Squadrons: 65 dead, 115 retaken, Col. Grebzau: Wounded.
Freelancer Dragoon Squadrons: 20 dead, 50 wounded.

Union an dem Flosse casualties:

I. Garde du Corps: 45 dead, 135 captured
V. Leib-Küirassieren: 51 dead, 129 captured
II. Leib-Dragoner: 61 dead, 209 captured
III. Karabinieren: 131 dead, 139 captured
IV. Hussaren: 10 dead, 219 captured

Col. Schwannberg: Dead
Col. Schilswig: Captured
Col. Fichte: Captured
Col. Mösenberg: Dead
Elector von Strutzenheim: Captured

A decisive Böhnstadter victory, although the numbers and odds were against the Flossians. The Union's main army is in ruin now: their commanders dead, their entire cavalry corps captured; but the heavy cavalry performed really well and almost won the day - had they not attacked the 3rd Regiment in defensive positions.

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