Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ring of Fire

This is the second installment of the Bandits and Villains mini-campaign. The loyalists have the lead after winning the previous game, and push forward into bandit territory. 
The battle takes place at a small village near the freshly established border. Colonel Furfante's men believe they could ambush the bandits, but are sadly mistaken: the enemy rallied their forces and somehow acquired a galloper gun, too. 
In the Stinking Goat Inn at the outskirts of the village, a Count's daughter is held captive by the bandits. They have also met with Luigi Trattore, the famous pirate and one of his sidekicks, plus the villagers really, really hate the redcoats... all is set for a good skirmish.

Victory point conditions:
Loyalists: set fire to at least three houses (1), reach the damsel in distress and secure her (1)
Bandits: kill Colonel Furfante (1), prevent the recapture of the lady (1)

The loyalists deploy in strict order and immediately set out to burn some houses down. This is a punitive action, as Ricco Furfante knows the inhabitants hid some outlaws a while back.