Friday, December 15, 2017

Crushing the rebellion

South of the Formaggian mountains, on the lands once occupied by the House of Prosciutto, the success of the northern rebellion has motivated the gentry to begin their own campaign of separation/liberation/looting and killing innocents. They are led by Marco di Mattone, a relative of the exiled Prosciutto leaders. 

After a few days of gathering troops, the small army began to move on the royal highway to sack passengers. Unfortunately, a large group of Schiavona regulars just happened to march that way. The rebel scouts had warned the main army of the fact, and di Mattone decided to entrench his force and fight a defensive battle.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

From the East Indies to the West

So I've just finished a bunch of pirates, which has got me thinking about the Caribbean. I have a bunch of ships already, and just ordered/bought some terrain (aquarium stuff and 30 palm trees from China). I will perhaps need a smaller fortress than the one quarter I have, and more colonial buildings, but then the game is on.

I have eyed the Revell pirate ship (the re-issue of the Zvezda Black Pearl / Black Swan) for a while, but then remembered that the same can be had for a lot less investment with cardboard, balsa and decor rubber, and I can suit a scratch-built ship for my wargaming needs, unlike a more rigid construction of a plastic model. My plans include a larger, multi-story merchant vessel (with a hollow compartment to hide loot and possibly figures in it), and a few smaller ones for the pirates, much like the Springend, which was an easy and fun build with very spectacular results.

Also, my Christmas present, which I bought and brought home myself, not wishing to rely on mythological figures such as the Postman, contains the Revell re-issue of their SYW figures - two hundred infantry and thirty cavalry, which will give me more time to think about future projects.

I would like to make some GNW/SYW Russians from the Revell Austrians, because I seriously lack them, and a few native troops from the Prussians. 

The figures are not the prettiest, and they have lots of flash, but hey, it was not very expensive (got them on a sale), and they serve my purpose.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Colonial Wars - Major Powers clash

The Qutut Bog was the site of a clash between the Böhnstadter colonial army and the Glambrian expeditionary force. Although a more numerous Glambrian force was the one to start an advance, they were somewhat surprised in their positions - although not on par with the hardy Böhnstadters, the Glambrian soldiers were fleet-footed enough to form battle order and move their heavy battery up the sandhill east of Qutut Town.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bandits and Villains - character stats

Here's all the generated point values for Flashing Steel, straight from the mini-campaign I ran on this blog.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Colonial Wars: Formaggia moves in for the kill

The first campaign turn begins with the Formaggian colonial army, intent on expanding their influence on the Continent of Rot, marching across the safe borders of Diamantia towards a major south-eastern town in the Alliance of Silver Princes. 
A rag-tag army under Rajah Duran opposes them, and before the Formaggian Generalmaggiore Calzito could have a say in it, they are within marching distance. The Formaggians have no choice but to deploy and fight.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Succession Wars in the Colonies

Another bright idea of mine is to begin a Maurice "Succession Wars" campaign set in Not-India, using the sketched map above. This way events on the main continent would play little part, and I can field all those guys in turbans. Maybe one or two battles a week, and a campaign log similar to the one I did on the Formaggian wars (except this time we don't know the clear result).

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The State Army on the move

Garrison units are redirected around the Alpian mountain line and the royal road leading north. The successes of the rebellion had caught Beatrice Schiavona's eye, and it seems the provincial army might not be up to the task.
The force now numbers about a thousand, but it has to concentrate, re-organize, and find enough provincial support to counter the rebel numbers.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Recruitment on the North

The fall of the two loyalist fortresses has caused many recruits to surge under Calvacasa's banner. The Conte di Piedi was among the first to arrive, with more than three hundred volunteers.

The capture of the Forte Vecchia and Prada arsenals also means that the armies can now be better equipped.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The fall of Forte Vecchia

The loyalist patrols in the south-western area of operations have suffered great losses and became ever rarer. Forte Vecchia, the last loyalist stronghold north of the royal road was now isolated, with two hundred provincial infantry bottled up inside.

The fortress itself was built on an old castle, and the recent years of peace had caused it to fall into disrepair. The moat had dried up and the old fort was crumbling.

Count Calvacasa, on the other hand, had a very pressing matter: how to deal with the mountain bandits now that it was his hinterlands they were keen on raiding. He pressed on to abuse the high morale of the bandits after their recent victories, and suggested a storming of Forte Vecchia, reinforced by the foot dragoons moving from the direction of San' Filipo. A straightforward attack would mean high losses on the bandits' side, and a quick taking of the stronghold.