Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Suillen Shelf

It was the beginning days of the invasion of Île-de-Suillen. A large number of Glambrian troops embarked on all sorts of vessels, mainly Glambrian East India Company frigates hired by the crown, to retake that small spot of land in the middle of the sea. 
The wind favored the attackers, and in a short while they were in sight of Île-de-Suillen. A fast-sailing cutter emerged from the isle and sailed towards the Formaggian shores: the Formaggian Western Fleet was alerted. The Glambrian navy successfully intercepted the intervening enemies while the transport ships, too weak to put up a fight against a ship of the line, continued their way under full sail.

The Glambrian fleet consisted of seven ships. Their sailors were somewhat better than the Formaggians, and they were determined to halt the enemy. The fleet was led by a 102-gun first rate, all the other vessels were 74-gunners.

The Formaggians approached in two lines, but the better sailing ability of the modern Glambrian ships allowed them to switch to a better course. The flagship sounded her starboard batteries.

With a brave maneuver against the wind (damaging the ship's bowsprit), the leading ship of the 2nd Glambrian squadron crossed the T of the Formaggian line 

The Formaggians tried the same with the other Glambrian squadron but the wind did not favor them.

The Glambrians sailed on under full sail. One ship, led by Capitano Franco Nero grappled a Glambrian vessel and initiated boarding. 

The rest of the 1st Glambrian squadron sailed on and stern raked the poor Formaggians.

A Formaggian ship striked colours from continuous Glambrian fire. The rest of the squadron kept sailing on, and this time the Glambrians turned with the wind...

Another Formaggian ship was shot to pieces.

All coordination was lost and the Formaggian first squadron attempted to flee.

However, their ships were slower. Another one flew the white flag.

Captain Franco Nero's ship received two more broadsides before finally giving up; the wind changed to a favourable course and three Formaggian vessels managed to escape. The rest yielded and was taken as prize. The Glambrians wondered at the state of disrepair some of the old 64-gunners were in.

Quite a landslide for the Glambrians. The Formaggian main fleet will not bother the landing.

Notes: I actually named each ship and their commanders but forgot to make an electronic version, so it's just the generic nameless ABC distinction I can use telling the story.

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