Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Calvacasa Rebellion in 1/72

I have a lot of unused 1/72 tricorne figures and a lot more are on their way to me right now. Of course it would be silly to ignore the large amount I have in the nether regions of my plastic pile. I have recently begun painting a GNW Saxon army, too - these red-coated devils will most likely make an appearance in large scale skirmish actions. 
Thus was born the idea of a smaller scope, but larger scale series of games. What I mean is switching from 6mm to 1/72, but reducing the scale of the game from several thousand participants to probably a hundred or so at most.
Another thing to consider is I have switched to Win8 when my laptop failed me the last time (no Win10, thank you very much), and Cossacks does not run on it. I have to wire up the old laptop with WinXP to play the game. Originally I started playing the Rebellion out using Cossacks and I have progressed with it a fair deal, but I would have to start from the beginning - and let us admit that for a wargamer, a handful of figures on a table will always look better than any number of pixely warriors in a game.

After reviewing the available figures in my stash, I figured that right now I have
  • 40-odd Zvezda Prussian grenadiers. Not the best figures, or the best of Zvezda making, but with minor conversions (GS hats instead of mitres) they can be useful.
  • 30-odd Airfix AWI British Grenadiers, yes, those ugly ones. Used only as an emergency measure - I will shade and highlight them over their existing oil/shiny varnish coat.
  • 15 or so Zvezda GNW cavalry, one group painted as Saxons, some more remaining to be painted as Quattri Formaggi cavalry in orange coats.
  • About twenty Zvezda GNW Russian artillerymen painted in blue and grey coats, ready to manhandle any faction's guns. All I need is the guns themselves. There's also a very nicely painted officer figure.
  • Various pirate figures converted from the GNW artillery figures, quite good for smaller skirmishes, and their ship, which can come handy in itself.
  • Three Zvezda dragoons on foot, useful as skirmishers or whatnot.
  • Thirty-six Zvezda GNW Swedish infantry painted in three different regimental colors, one in karpus. The other two could be used in the Calvacasa Rebellion with ease. 
  • Command figures for the above.
  • Two boxes (above 80 figures in total) of Zvezda GNW Russian infantry, to be painted as Saxons, ordered and dispatched.

This amounts to a future collection of about two hundred figures, with some variety these would be more than enough to play a lengthy game out.

Possible rule sets include my Inter Arma homebrew, Ganesha Games' Flashing Steel (the dice activation system of these rules suits swashbuckling games the best in my opinion, not so much Napoleonics for example); Muskets&Tomahawks and Sharp Practice. I would also like to start a detailed campaign system to tell the entire story of the rebellion with all of its ups and downs.

In the meantime, I have ordered the beginnings of a fourth 6mm army (SYW French / Loyalist Glambrian) and mercenary/militia figures from Baccus and have brought the existing three armies with me to Budapest. I will start scheduling some games with friends.

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