Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Varangian Wars - Flank Operations

It is the year 1539 OC and the Siege of Sjelle is being conducted on the central island between the narrow sea separating the Flossian Union and mainland Gluteborg-Varangia. To relieve the central forces in the way of the Union assault, a small detachment of Varangian and Sjelle troops advances on the Flossian hinterland positions. The Flossian defense rests on the River Marknog, and the careful commander of the area, Brigadier von Luchs has built strong defenses.
The river is calm and slow, but grants that any unit that crosses it will lose its coherence. The water is also deep, so only cavalry can get through it in any place; the infantry has to use the bridge on the main highway leading to the center of the island, or the ford upriver. 

The Flossian defenses are strengthened by redoubts on both banks, two protecting the bridgehead. These five redoubts are manned by seven infantry battalions and four guns. Von Luchs also has cavalry support in the shape of three cuirassier squadrons.