Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gaining Control

Pietro di Calvacasa writes in his diary: OC 1549, March 28, Monday. On the road between Dicalla and Trocca. Canonnade is heard from the direction of Chielli-Forte. It is important to coordinate our march with the other half of the army, but it is also important that I lead the main contingent. Captain d'Arson is well versed in the art of sieges and I have complete trust in him. Currently our movement across the country is hindered by nothing, yet I fear that loyalist spies from the villages we cross would tell the Civita Maria garrison of our plans prematurely. This ruse de guerre we are conducting seems to have an easy chance of failure right now.

Calvacasa's three companies of foot, about 400 men in strength, march on the main road towards Civita Maria, passing one smaller fort. The fort does not have the range to fire its cannons on the road and is only guarded by one company of provincials. A small detachment of dragoons and militia is screening every possible path across the woodland to prevent messengers to Civita Maria and notify Calvacasa immediately if the provincials take action. 

A mercenary Varangian unit, the rest of the dragoons and the Glambrian storming party besieges Forte Chielli, lying on the Flossian border at the foot of the Alps, in order to secure the hinterlands. this fort is garrisoned by one company of provincial Cacciatori and a half-company of provincials. The fort has only one ancient cannon. The siege is led by Captain d'Arson and his highest priority is to convince the company commanders that his plan will work. They have only one day to complete the siege and only one small-bore cannon. Fortunately there is an excellent firing position facing the fort's gate and the garrison is understrength to watch over the entire length of the wall.