Sunday, February 14, 2016


The Count of Calvacasa reviews the troops supplied by the Civita Maria council. In one week, two more infantry companies were raised, along with a wing of 80 cavalry.

As the rebel army is still very small, there is not a formal higher command or higher formations. Battalion and company are also interchangeable most of the time as a battalion is usually 100-120 men strong.
The town officials will gain their respective military ranks from the Count after the ceremony, and the same time the reinforcements will be organized to an infantry and cavalry regiment (the three gun crews will merge with the rebels' existing artillery unit). Of course calling eighty men a regiment is far-fetched, but as the count pointed out earlier, the rebels are in dire need of any mounted men available. On the other hand, the three units of infantry (one Civita Maria household infantry and two volunteer militia) are a quite formidable 400-men force, The only problem is their training: no matter how enthusiastic the volunteers are if the provincials have the advantage over them by frequent practice. 
And while the Count rests and plans his next moves, the Parmigiano court receives news about his recent conquests...

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