Friday, June 17, 2016

Plans and more plans

From time to time I feel the need to clarify a few things about the direction the Schultze-Bönstadt universe is heading.

I have six complete 6mm armies: SB/Prussian, Flosse/Austrian, Varangian/Swedish, Glambrian/French, British and Ottoman Turk. I'd like to have a seventh, SYW/GNW Russians, and include them as the army of Leuwenthaal. In truth it's more about having troops in green coats, a color I severely lack in other armies. 
The Schultze-Böhnstadt army would be better off with some infantry in Prussian blue, and the Flossians could use some grenadiers in bearskins. This would let me manage another army from the leftovers, which could belong to the Protestant Duchy of Armagnac.
Perhaps a larger conflict with multiple sides taking part could also be managed...

Right now, the Calvacasa rebellion is stalling, and so does the Flashing Steel mini-campaign. I've spent a lot of time at home, but I was busy with other things. After the great reduction in the Plastic Pile earlier in the year, I still have some tricorne figures, most notably the Zvezda GNW Swedish infantry I would like to finish sometime, but I took a break recently, and focused on pre-dreadnoughts instead, to gather strength and complete the Baccus SYW French. Expanding the 1/72 collection is unlikely at this point, perhaps some GNW Swedish artillery in the near future.
Fielding 1/72 figures on my large table led to some realizations: that a) I don't have enough terrain pieces, so I would need some hills, redoubts, more trees, buildings and so on, and b) it's really tedious to move individually based figures in batches of sixteen and eight, so I would need lots of movement trays. I tried to buy 2mm plasticard for the latter, but my supplier was out and the other place has it for double the price.

Another thing that interests me is logistics and campaign management, something I've began with the Calvacasa rebellion's map, and I'd like to experiment some more, or even make up some easy to play rules.

From a Tesco-brand copy of Jenga (wooden bricks) I have already built two ships of the line, and I would like to expand this project until I have playable sized fleets for Fighting Sail, a ruleset I bought and playtested, then never used again, which is entirely my fault as the rules are fun.

I'm currently reading The Enlightenment (Making of Europe), a book I bought at a library sale, and it's intriguing, so I thought I could dabble in Schultzdorf court politics, probably some sort of election or internal affairs: this requires no models/figures at all, and would show details about the everyday life of the Principality's citizens.

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