Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Maurice "Not Entirely Lite"

For starters, I decided to conduct one battle in my Formaggian Succession Wars campaign, using the "Lite" version of Maurice.
As one side's army was almost entirely made up from fresh conscripts after a devastating defeat, I gave them a combat value of 4, whereas all units in the Lite verison have 6.
I used the morale rules from the Lite booklet, and did not include too much terrain or any Notables.

The scenario is this: two allied Houses advance on a weakened third. The defending side is really on the defensive this time, the enemy has overwhelming numbers.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Rules of Engagement for the FSW Solo Campaign

a.k.a. the Formaggian Succession Wars. 
Prelude: the ruling House of the Alliance of Quattro Formaggi has become extinct. The last surviving members have made a run for the New World, perhaps anticipating what is to come.
Four houses of the four corners of the Alliance rise with a claim to the throne. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I've been looking for quick and easy rules...

Only to find out it's been sitting on my hard drive for a long time now. 
If you had not guessed already, it's the Lite version of Maurice, a free offer containing only the basics of the "big" rules. With some tweaking and still keeping it simple, a good number of 6mm battles could be fought with it, even in the nick of time and space. 
A further advantage is that I have the card set, so no need to print the identical "Lite" free cards. After two years of wear, however, they must be protected from the foul hands of players, using plastic sleeves.

I have received a smaller Baccus order recently, and three more units of foot (WSS infantry painted as Bavarians) are already complete, while three more (SYW Austrian grenadiers) await flocking. More Freikorps will also partake in these games, for which I'll be using the WSS dismounted dragoons in very bright uniforms. 

As a result of my earlier experiments with the rather small and crude Heroics and Ros figs, I dropped the basecoat-wash-highlight method entirely for painting 6mm figures, and have been using a sort of shaded basecoat, which is basically 
  1. primer
  2. paint the entire strip dark brown 
  3. brown drybrush 
  4. highlight with block colors.
This produces acceptable results (viewed from at least 1-2 feet) and reduces time required to paint figures - indeed, a Baccus pack of 96 infantry only takes two to three hours from priming to attaching the not yet varnished figures to bases.