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Leaders - Kingdom of Glambria

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King Peter (Pierre de Rapides)
Official title: Roi de Glambria
Crowned: 1537 OC (aged 17)

Temperament: Hot-headed
Training: Seasoned

Born as first son of King Francois VII. in 1519 OC (making him 31 years of age), and titled from his birth Crown Prince of Glambria, Pierre served with the army in the New World and in the various campaigns during his lifetime. His father died of old age, but nobody contested his ability and claim to the throne. He is known to be a great horseman and enjoys hunting and leading his cavalry guard personally in battle.

Maréchal Jacques de Villefort
Official title: Marshal of the Army, Count of Suignac

Temperament: Bold
Training: Spirited

Born 1501 OC, and living the life of a country gentleman in his youth, he has been promoted after the death of his predecessor, the Vicomte of Suillen, as a reward of his accomplishments during the campaign for Suillen Isle. The Marshal is not a very remarkable man; he is an untrained, but enthusiastic commander who always tries to listen to his subordinates' advice. Married to the older sister of King Peter, Anne-Louise.

General Henri du Charmant
Official title: Squire of the Lusin Gardens, General of Corps

Temperament: Moderate
Training: Seasoned

Du Charmant has entered his 40th year in the spring of 1550. He has spent all of his life in the army, rising from the rank of sergeant to generalship, something he is very proud of. He is an excellent commander of light troops, and the victor of Porto Parisiani

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