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Leaders - Kingdom of Gluteborg-Varangia

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King Odur Gustavsson
Official title: Konig av Glutemarknoge
Crowned: 1540 OC

Temperament: Moody
Training: Adept

Born 1499 OC, King Odur has waited a long time before ascending the throne of Varangia. Engaged in court politics, he rarely saw a battlefield. On the other hand, he is a great organizer and aided by his chancellors he has made his country prosper from whaling and overseas trade. He is married to Queen Anna Niklasdotter, aunt of Ambassador Ingethora Orstsdotter, and has three children, Prince Klaus, Prince Gustav and Princess Angela.

General Hvalbard Magnusson
Official title: General of the Army, Count of Ostvarangen

Temperament: Moderate
Training: Seasoned

One of the oldest serving generals in the continent at the age of 62, General Magnusson was already a battle-worn veteran by the time he took command of the combined Varangian expedition and the Army of Sjelle in the Varangian Wars. He is a great strategist and has learnt to trust in the rank and file of the army: he believes that these men, and not the generals, win battles. He is married to Justicia van den Berg, daughter of a Leuwenthaal merchant, and has a son and two grandchildren.

Brigadier Lars Aldstern
Official title: Brigadier General, Count of Aldstern, Knight of the Golden Horn of Flosse

Temperament: Moody
Training: Adept

Lars Aldstern is very much the opposite of General Magnusson. He is relatively young, very harsh and self-centered. He has been promoted and demoted multiple times. His family is from the Flossian Union. He is very fond of women, but had not yet settled with any; he is an excellent cavalry commander, but often described as 'short-sighted' in planning.

Ambassador Ingethora Orstsdotter
Official title: Ambassador of the Kingdom of Gluteborg-Varangia to the Court of Schultze-Böhnstadt

Temperament: Moderate
Training: Spirited

Born 1520 OC, Lady Ingethora is a very talented woman known throughout the mainland courts of Europe. Despite her obligations in diplomacy, she enjoys hunting and is skilled with the sword. Her father was a rich man with no titles; to be better recognized, the Baroness of Westsund title was created for her by the King. His Highness values her advice above all.

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