Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Secret Council assembles

The first thing was to take action with all they had; now Chancellor Südflosse sat in the High Chamber of the Palace of Böhnstadt and knew his master will take matters into his own hand.
There were three men and one woman around the table: Princeps Erhard Berthold, his Guard Captain, Ludwig von Merck, Erik von Südflosse himself and Lady Ingetora Orstsdottir, the Varangian ambassador to Schultze-Böhnstadt.
'We are to set up this Council', the Princeps started in a mild, but anxious tone. 'For, you see, things have gone wild and we are at war no doubt; and that war I wish to win before more defeats are suffered and more casualties are taken.
In times like this we must seek allies where we had not done before, and this is why you, mylady, are sitting at this table right now.'
'You ask me to engage in a war we do not have interest in', the ambassador replied. 'We take money not; we are proud to serve the right, but Gluteborg-Varangia is not home of ruthless mercenaries.'
'My father knew that too well', the Princeps said. 'But times are changing, and if we don't stop the Flossian deluge they'll soon reach your country too, and they will reach it un-prepared.'
'You will be paid for', thus spoke von Südflosse, 'all we need is a few regiments, may they be volunteers or veterans or whatever you like. Join the war or lend your troops and we will give them flags to fight for; you'll have well-trained men who've smelled the smoke of a thousand muskets' fire. Their commander will be granted some estate of Böhnstadter land near the border; we will arrange their quarters, supplies and will transport them if necessary.'
'And should you refuse, we will presume you already have a contract with the Union and deal with you so', von Merck finished the thoughts of the Chancellor.
'Waging war against us and the Union at the same time?' Lady Ingetora laughed.
'I have the orders to raise five more brigades here, ready to be signed. Two more will be enough to deal with von Presser's lot in the west' - the Princeps lowered his voice and his words had a threatening tone.
'That is all; what is your answer, mylady?', von Südflosse asked.
'We bow not to mere threats, sir', the ambassador exclaimed. 'And I have no power to decide this matter alone; I will travel to Gluteborg and see the King and his court to make decision.'

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