Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Filler #1: Further plans in the Principality

Now you, dear readers, might or might not have been informed of my limited opportunities regards free-time activity over Random&Creative, but here is a little post to assure everyone, Schultze-Böhnstadt is not dead.

The current campaign is essentially a prelude to further ones as well as a hot spot through which I am going to fill the world with characters and nations and personalities. This blog is about to turn ineffectively spent time (playing computer games) to something more intelligent anyway. 

For example, we do not yet know anything about Varangia, Glambria and the Alliance of Quattri Formaggi. The last piece of the story (the Varangian ambassador being sent back to Gluteborg for orders) is the first in a long row to fix that. 
A very useful improvement would be to add more stats besides Edu and Temp to increase characters' depth and prove further back stories too. I am also thinking about inviting some players to have final decisions on certain aspects of the Imagi-Nations' histories. This adds a random factor -the humane factor - to the game. And I don't have to think for each nation myself.

And perhaps one day these countries will have their own miniature figures on my shelves. Strictly for fun.

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