Friday, November 6, 2015

Background for the Calvacasa Rebellion 2. - Sources

This will most likely be the shortest link in the chain, where I will briefly explain what sources, historical examples and literature I will use as inspiration for my games. 

I have at hand, won in a giveaway at Canister & Grape some time ago, Master Featherstone's War Game Campaigns, which is just the book for such things. I have read it once but I thought it would be worth reading again.

I have a series of Ospreys, of course, on the various rebellions and revolutions that occured during the 18th century. One quite evident thing is that Calvacasa's war is feudal, if I am permitted to say so, in nature: a fight between members of the ruling class, and not an uprising of the people, or an uprising against a foreign govermnent like that of the Jacobites. This also rules out the historical background for the AWI and even more the French Revolution, which does not mean I cannot (ab)use historical scenarios from these conflicts.

What is closer to me locally and in history, and bears a resemblance on Calvacasa's status, is the Rákóczi rebellion of 1703-11. It coincides with the WSS and Great Northern Wars' political sphere. But while Rákóczi was a young idealist (and a great admirer of Louis XIV), Pietro di Calvacasa is old, bitter and cunning. Yet he must face the same economical and moral challenges. What troubles me about the period is the little literature available online. Guess I'll have to visit a library.

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