Monday, November 9, 2015

Background for the Calvacasa rebellion 3. - Logistics

Now that we are past the theoretical build-up of the background for the conflict, it is time to examine how many figures, tabletop accessories and other material evidence I have.

First of all, the rules. I think Sharp Practice with maybe a modified activation system and Flashing Steel for smaller actions. Using Sharp Practice, figures would represent more men (so not a 1:1 ratio).

Then, a campaign map. Fortunately I have just the same, printed in 1710, that Count Calvacasa used during the campaign. It's a big 28"x20" map, detailed to the requirements of its age. The Count could track enemy movements on this map with ease and plan the movement of his own troops.

Terrain: by now I have almost everything required to a varied and good-looking battlefield. I have just completed some accessories as well. I could use more period buildings actually, but those are easy to make, especially with all the paper and scrap wood I have lying around. 
I also have two small ships suitable for the period, which calls for amphibious action and I'm currently building one corner of a period fortress. Only one corner with an interior space of 30x30cm because the gaming table is too small for anything more.

Figures: a quick tally shows that I have 
14+8+8= 30 cavalry painted, 26 unpainted
40+48+24+8+30= 142 infantry painted, a good many unpainted.
10+4 cannon, two mortars, 8 horses for the artillery train, two carts, 22 gunners.
3 command figures, 5 civilians.

All in all, a big enough collection to start gaming.

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