Monday, October 31, 2016

Project report

Things have been silent for a good while (over 3 months, actually). I have done a bunch of other things, R&C is a testimony to that. I'd like to revive (like so many times before) this blog, as a get-away from the Napoleonic and various other stuff. Here are the key points:

Formaggian Succession Wars, using Cossacks and a simple campaign resolution mechanism: in my free time when I'm not painting, I'm doing this. The official calendar might change as I'm working with weekly turns, perhaps I might just change it to months instead of weeks.

Smaller events/stories, I have enough painted 1/72 figures to play a few games.

6mm Albionic campaign in the Colonies or the Barbary coast, using good old Maurice or my fast play rules. 

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