Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Forte Prada redoubts, Day 1

The Count of Calvacasa oversaw the beginning of siege operations against the next obstacle in his way south: the loyalist stronghold, Forte Prada, The stone fort was built in the midst of a salty swamp, inside a river estuary. This meant that mining was not viable: the rebels had to use more traditional (and risky) methods.
The Glambrian engineer d'Arson has fallen ill with the gout, so Major Halmarson and the Count were in command on day one.

The outermost redoubts, raised on solid ground, were manned by militia and provincial regulars of dubious quality, but the earthworks were strong and the commanders determined to hold out.

The Glambrian mercenaries were apt at digging trenches, so the approach soon began.

The Civita Maria siege guns provided covering fire.

The galloper gun inside the redoubt responded in kind, but it could do less harm with its limited range.

The militia was flushed out of the outer works by the enemy bombardment.

The second group of militia rallied and engaged in fisticuffs with the trench diggers. However, a spade is a most effective weapon in close quarters.

Soon all the regulars were lined up inside the forward trenches, and the artillery also began to move.

A deadly assault followed, with the Glambrian storming party first pushed back, but then a combined attack has crushed the remaining resistance. 

The freshly equipped Calvacasa Volunteers were able to remain in reserve all along, the mercenaries carrying the day.

These preliminary operations were an extreme success to the rebel army, with relatively few casualties in the ranks, and resulting in a huge boost to allied morale.

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