Thursday, April 27, 2017

FSW Campaign Log, Year 4

Turn37, March 1526
CA armies pursue GA, overtake (4): NO
GA armies retreat on LOC, recruit on safe territories: COY horse, 1 light btn joins main army
PR army retreats, rearguard action fought north of Porto Cancere between SC van and PR cavalry
SC army pursues? (4): NO
Turn38, April 1526
on the border of GA territories, to the south, a new house emerges: Tempobello (TE), a house of high nobility and a strong claim, albeit backed with little force
CA armies content to send GA flying, send envoy for peace (3): YES
GA army is being reformed
PR army retreats in good order and faces SC; at the news of no enemy pursuit, they make a stand
SC general staff hesitate between crushing the PR field army first, or besieging the capital

Turn39, May 1526
CA enters peace treaty with GA, both recruit
CA 1COY horse
GA 8COY horse
PR army fortifies its position extensively
SC army feints, then enters peace talk
assassination attempt on PR general (4): succeeds, PR army in shambles
SC army ambush avoided, they fall back before entering PR camp
TE recruits 6COY, 2btn foot

Turn40, June 1526
CA army strengthens position in Parmigiano
GA recruits 12COY, 2btn foot 3rgt horse
PR army falls back on Alba
SC army prepares for advance on the capitol
TE recruits 3COY foot

Turn41, July 1526
SC offers CA a joint strike on GA, (4) YES, begin amassing armies
GA fears to levy more, prepares main army to move on western borders
PR army reformed
TE strikes on GA lines of comm, repulsed by overwhelming force

Turn42, August 1526
CA army enters from the north, GA main army feints& concentrates against SC
SC army linked up with TE, in temporary alliance
PR recruits 3COY foot

Turn43, Sep 1526
CA army enters & gains GA territory

GA army stands battle with TE&SC – marginal allied victory
GA losses: all light troops and most of the horse
TE losses: heavy horse and 1COY line
SC losses: 2COY heavy horse & most of the light

PR recruits 1COY horse

Turn44, Oct 1526
CA army besieges enemy forts, no relief arrives
GA army fails to pick on individual allies, their cause seems desperate, peace talk with CA in return for territory gained (3): a very big YES
SC frustrated with CA peace, but hesitant to strike on GA
TE recruits into their own army from POWs, 13COY turned, 5COY foot 8 horse
PR recruits 5coy horse

Turn45-46, Nov-Dec 1526
all troops lodge in winter quarters

Turn47, Jan 1527
CA army firmly holding central Parmigiano
GA army launches a desperate attack against SC, SC army falls back
TE recruits 3COY foot
PR army moves on to Tricia

the KleineKrieg reserve comes into play: after each recruitment, players select their commitments to the KK reserve, 1527-8 will be gorilla warfare time

Turn48, Feb 1527
With CA bogged down in the east, SC armies take Parmigiano by surprise and the city falls in a day;
CA falls back and recruits 7COY
GA&TE allied against SC, take Porto Pescatore

PR asks for Glambrian aid, threatening to involve Armagnac in a war (3): NO, recruits 4COY, of which 1COY KK reserve

~ Campaign Notes ~

As you can see, there was only a single siege and one pitched battle during the course of these twelve months. I've still had many long years to fill with events, so I turned to cutting off the winter months with a small commentary.
Sometimes I grew tired of detailed events, and in these cases I tried to come up with something new, such as House Tempobello to somewhat stir the balance of power.
The older houses are, at this moment, still going strong, but trust me when I say they won't be going on like this forever.

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