Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bandits & Villains: Total War

After their defeat, the bandits were becoming desperate. Reinforced by a fresh squad of Calvacasa Outrider cavalry, they decided to deliver a blow on the loyalist lines of communication.
The stronghold they chose to strike, however, was heavily reinforced by regular cavalry and a galloper gun.

This was a shoot to kill scenario: one victory point if three or more enemies are slain, and two if the enemy is completely routed.

A cavalry skirmish soon developed on the open space west of the village.

The two heavy cavalrymen caused great confusion in the Outrider group, but then concentrated musketry took them out.

The provincial infantry waited in ambush behind the hedge.

The loyalist commander attempted to lure the enemy to effective range.

Heavy musketry broke out as, after some hesitation, they approached.

Nobody knows if the Major's horse had gone wild or had he indeed charged the outnumbering attackers. Anyway, he rushed out and struck a bandit...

Then, after a brief clash with Giuseppe Calda, he was promptly slain.

This, and subsequent losses by the outflanking cavalry forced the remaining loyalists to fall back.
The rebels suffered heavy casualties, but the stronghold was secured and their operations can now continue in the area, probably leading directly to the siege of Forte Vecchia.

The campaign total is the following:

Loyalist VP +1 (4 total)
Bandit VP +2(6 total)

Loyalist morale -2 (3 total)
Bandit morale 4

A decisive, but bloody victory then.

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