Friday, May 26, 2017

Colonial Wars: Formaggia moves in for the kill

The first campaign turn begins with the Formaggian colonial army, intent on expanding their influence on the Continent of Rot, marching across the safe borders of Diamantia towards a major south-eastern town in the Alliance of Silver Princes. 
A rag-tag army under Rajah Duran opposes them, and before the Formaggian Generalmaggiore Calzito could have a say in it, they are within marching distance. The Formaggians have no choice but to deploy and fight.

The large amount of tribal foot and horse shied away the Formaggians, at least at first. They soon came to learn that the true power of the enemy is their grand battery.

After some hesitation, General Calzito decided that the best defense is a good offense, so he swore a bunch then ordered a general advance.

The Formaggian left was dominated by the tribesmen nesting in the woods, combined with the devastating fire of the enemy grand battery, right up until the Formaggian cavalry was drawn up and went through the tribal horse as a knife does through butter. The center was not at all heavily engaged.

One Pretoriano horse regiment (the ones in funny helmets) was so badly shot up by the re-positioned enemy battery that they had to fall back. The rest of the work was done by the Dragones di Malaria and the other unit of heavy horse. 

The center line was just about to enter a hotter contest, and initial volleys were exchanged, but at this time the grand battery was trodden down, and the remaining group of Siferdar horse had surrendered. Rajah Duran decided to concede the battle and fell back with the rest of his army more or less intact.

Campaign results:

Formaggian Pretorian cavalry breaks.
Formaggia receives EPs:
1 for Carnage
1 for Honours of War
1 for Marginal Victory
1 for Accepting a Surrender

A Cacciatore (regular infantry) and Dragoon (regular cavalry) unit are promoted to Elite.

SP loses 4 cannon and 4 tribal cavalry, concedes defeat. (1EP gained)

Formaggia gains territory.

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