Friday, December 15, 2017

Crushing the rebellion

South of the Formaggian mountains, on the lands once occupied by the House of Prosciutto, the success of the northern rebellion has motivated the gentry to begin their own campaign of separation/liberation/looting and killing innocents. They are led by Marco di Mattone, a relative of the exiled Prosciutto leaders. 

After a few days of gathering troops, the small army began to move on the royal highway to sack passengers. Unfortunately, a large group of Schiavona regulars just happened to march that way. The rebel scouts had warned the main army of the fact, and di Mattone decided to entrench his force and fight a defensive battle.

The cavalry clash soon turned out for the worse for the scouts.

After the flanks had been secured, the regulars launched an advance, by the book, against the fortified positions.

The Cacciatori tied down the enemy militia on the right.

The loyalists then performed an oblique maneuver, and in support of the heavy artillery, took the rebel positions by afternoon. A few of the rebels managed to flee, as the dragoons were too occupied in hunting down the remaining enemy horsemen. 

Although dubious in quality, the numbers dissolved by the loyalist column could have come in handy for the Count of Calvacasa, and they even failed to tie down Schiavona reserves for long enough. On the positive side, the Northern rebels' morale will not be much affected by the defeat of their southern brethren.

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