Sunday, December 10, 2017

From the East Indies to the West

So I've just finished a bunch of pirates, which has got me thinking about the Caribbean. I have a bunch of ships already, and just ordered/bought some terrain (aquarium stuff and 30 palm trees from China). I will perhaps need a smaller fortress than the one quarter I have, and more colonial buildings, but then the game is on.

I have eyed the Revell pirate ship (the re-issue of the Zvezda Black Pearl / Black Swan) for a while, but then remembered that the same can be had for a lot less investment with cardboard, balsa and decor rubber, and I can suit a scratch-built ship for my wargaming needs, unlike a more rigid construction of a plastic model. My plans include a larger, multi-story merchant vessel (with a hollow compartment to hide loot and possibly figures in it), and a few smaller ones for the pirates, much like the Springend, which was an easy and fun build with very spectacular results.

Also, my Christmas present, which I bought and brought home myself, not wishing to rely on mythological figures such as the Postman, contains the Revell re-issue of their SYW figures - two hundred infantry and thirty cavalry, which will give me more time to think about future projects.

I would like to make some GNW/SYW Russians from the Revell Austrians, because I seriously lack them, and a few native troops from the Prussians. 

The figures are not the prettiest, and they have lots of flash, but hey, it was not very expensive (got them on a sale), and they serve my purpose.

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