Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The colony expands

This is the hunting camp of the great Franz Josef. He moved in near the colony border recently. He usually provides his own food, and has a fowling piece and a large calibre rifle to do so. 
The figure is an IMEX pilgrim and the camp is made from cloth, match and bamboo sticks, rocks, moss, a HäT artillery bucket and spare musket... it provides a nice atmosphere.

A second wheat field is sown.

I also changed the huts to better quality and more New World-looking ones. There's also a high quality chicken (turkey?) coop.

Overview of the first two turns:

Turn 1
1. Resource management 
4 men located on collecting lumber +10
4 men located on gathering wheat +4 Food

2. Investment
Current infrastructure: 2 houses, 4 lengths of fence, 1 wheat field, 1 shed
A new wheat field is sown and a new fancy house is built, -2 Food -5 Lumber

3. Difficulty
Omitted for the first turn

4. Population changes
Current population: 10 characters, 2 families in 2 houses
The freshly built house is inhabited by the Schlieffen family (4 characters)

5. Exploration

Turn 2
1. Resource management
4 men gather Lumber - +7 = 12
5 men gather Wheat - +5(-3)
the older Schlieffen goes hunting - +2 = 4

2. Investment
1 section of Road is completed, -2 Food
the old Braunhauser builds a chicken coop - 4 Lumber
Total remaining: 2 Food, 8 Lumber

3. Difficulty
Light difficulty - Drought - -2 Food (should be rounded down)

4. Population changes
The Great Hunter, Franz Joseph arrives and sets up his tent in the outskirts of the town. Franz Joseph will always provide food for himself.

5. Exploration
The younger Schlieffen explores the NW area - Mountains, no hindrance, no resources.

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