Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dead end (?)

Haven't updated since May.
The main blog takes a lot of time (sad excuse), studies even more (sadder). Now what is going to happen is I'll still write the history of Schultze-Böhnstadt, partly using Cossacks, but also using miniatures. It hasn't been a long thought-out project or anything, just a spark of imagination we all used to have.
I'll build armies in 15mm using Essex figures and 28mm using Minden's SYW range. Both are quality products. I've got a lot of Ospreys to back me up, but honestly I've already read some and they weren't among the best - perhaps I've got all the wrong books as I believe there is more on the topic. So this is a time to research. Figured I love researching anyway. I have a membership in the Museum of Military History's Library in Budapest which I ought to renew soon anyway. The university's library has a lot of material but I believe it's still scarce.
In October, if my Deluge/TYW project and buying a new laptop allows, I'll start with the Minden figures, until then I plan a few batreps here. Stay tuned.

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