Saturday, September 28, 2013

Military Orders reworked

 The Golden Order of the Principality, awarded to officers and men of note for exceptional gallantry and considerable achievements.

The Golden Star Order of the House of Jazygia, awarded to noblemen and members of other Houses for their service towards the Principality and her cause.

The Great and Knightly Order of Schultze-Böhnstadt, featuring her coat of arms, awarded to those who bore the cause of the Nation and succeeded in times of peril and in manners not to be repeated by any other men.

The Greatcross of the Army, given to officers who have protected the Principality with all their might.

The Military Cross, given to soldiers and officers alike, who have shown exceptional resilience and distinguished themselves in combat.

The Regimental Cross, given to regiments of the Principality whose men fought in her wars and are to be always remembered.
The 1st Leib Regiment of Foot wears three Regimental Crosses on its standard.

The Varangian Wars medal, awarded by the Princeps himself to those who served in the northern wars with Varangia and have shown noticeable prowess and resolution.

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