Monday, September 30, 2013

The Military of Schultze-Böhnstadt, Part I

Starting with the oldest regiments of the House of Jazygia, we present the uniforms and brief history of the military of Schultze-Böhnstadt.
 The 1st (Leib) Regiment of Foot was created during the Varangian wars, when the first regular regiments of the Principality were raised. It fought in almost every battle during that war, and although reduced to a fragment of its former strenght at the Pyrrhic victory at Schwalbersfeld, it prevailed and thus it is the oldest regiment in the Principality.
The 1st Regiment was added a fourth battalion of Grenadiers a few years ago. The core of the battalion is the bravest soldiers of the Musketeer battalions, and they are trained by those, now NCOs and Lieutenants, who served with the regiment in the Varangian Wars.
The 2nd Regiment of Foot's recruitment pool is Schultzdorf along with the newer 3rd Regt. It is considered an elite unit, and their officers are especially fond of their troops' effectiveness in ranged combat. The 2nd Regiment bears the honorary name of the Principality.

The Prinzipalität Regiment has only three battalions, two of musketeers and one of grenadiers. The grenadiers originally wore the red coats of the 1st Regt. with white facings, but later it was changed to adapt to the other two battalions.
The Cavalry regiments are numbered with Roman numbers, the first being the Prinzesss Anneliese Cuirassiers. The regiment has two squadrons, both 90 men strong. They receive the finest heavy horses in the army. Unlike any other unit, their coats are white, as a remembrance to the Regent Princess Anneliese of the house of Jazygia (she was very fond of her white gowns), grandmother to the current Princeps Erhard Berthold.

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