Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First figures arrived!

I am not home at the moment, but both the packs from Minden and Essex Miniatures have landed. Can't wait to start painting them.

In 15mm, I am starting to build the 1st Schultzdorf Brigade. The Essex order contains:
8x (Prussian Jäger) 1. Eugen Jäger battalion
8x (Prussian von Schony Grenadier) I/1. Pioneers
24x (Prussian Grenadier) the 2 grenadier battalions of the 1st Prinzipalitär and one of the 2nd Störkburger regiments.

These will be based on 15x15mm square plasticard bases and put on trays for versatility. Say, I'd like to play with different rules, the chance is given. My house rules use 8 men units, and one battalion will make up an in-game unit; while using Risk figures, a unit base was 6x2cm, this will be now 6x3, so only the depth will change.

The order from Minden Miniatures contains a von Seydlitz figure and Prussian staff officers who will be the heads of the Principality's army.