Saturday, January 11, 2014

Footnotes and technicalities

1. I will need a more reliable way to administer unit strengths than hitting up older blog posts. By that, I mean an extensive excel table with unit strength, location, losses, commanders.

2. I will need to work out more crisp campaign rules regarding spendings and movement.

3. I should instate a campaign diary to keep track of dates and movements.

These are from experiences with running another tabletop campaign for a few sessions now, and while it increases the weight of 'bureaucracy' it makes it easier to track things.

I have changed hardware in the meantime and this beast runs on Win7. This, somehow, messes up all the screenshots I make, so until I find an alternative, I won't be able to publish the results on the battle of Strutzenheim.

I have placed my first order of Minden figures, Prussian staff on foot and a von Seydlitz figure who will be the venerable General Hohenspitz. The bulk will come in later.

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