Sunday, January 12, 2014

Schultze-Böhnstadt Comes 'Alive'

In the next few months I will be painting 1/72 GNW figures if I can take my time; however, along with that, I have thought of building a tabletop army for Schultze-Böhnstadt as well.

Rules-wise, I either prefer using my house rules A Risk to Take, or trying out Maurice when the chance is given.

Figures-wise, for 15mm I would be using Old Glory and Essex, and for 28mm Minden Miniatures. The latter is for skirmish gaming and characters, mainly because my pocket is not limitless.

I am a 1/72 buff, it is true, but the range, even with the newer HäT releases, is too far limited. On the other hand, I could use the Italeri AWI range, just like how I intend to use Perry AWI Brits as Flossians. But no, I am set on these two other scales.

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