Saturday, June 7, 2014


Elector Michheim, after a successful screen by the Liliensbad dragoons, decided he would not stand battle against the enemy twice his numbers. He marched towards Skreptsdorf to the north, alerting the nearby militia battalion and the fort of Losenburg, which held 8 companies. All this force then reached Skreptsdorf in a tiresome forced march by midnight, barely escaping von Hohenspitz's avant-garde.
The bishop, with the crew of Skreptsdorf, now had four more battalions, making his army up to fourteen against Hohenspitz's 21. His men were tired: he extended the earthworks around Skreptsdorf Keep as much as he could, drew up the five small guns he took from the forts, and prepared to stand his ground.
Von Hohenspitz followed in a steady place, trying not to exhaust his men.

The defenders of Grübsheim left the fort, joining with Elector von Presser in the town of Rammsfeld, when the Böhnstadter brigade descended from the southern hills.

Neckersburg, fielding only three companies of irregulars, surrendered to Dietrich von Spülge.

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