Thursday, May 29, 2014

With a daring move, von Hohenspitz marches against the strengthened Landwehr in Liliensbad. The truth is that his supply lines are growing too long and he still does not wish to plunder the Flossian populace. A chance is present to beat the main Flossian force and coerce the Union to a treaty.

The Princeps evades the Grühne fort of Geistwold and marches inside the Böhnstadter borders of the left bank of the river. Elector von Presser is still two days' march from Grübsheim while the Principality may strike at it the next day. The Flossian brigade is moving very slowly, but they have met the messenger sent from Grübsheim. The Elector sent him back to inform the defenders that, when threatened by the Böhnstadter, they should retreat westwards and join forces with him.

Dietrich von Spülge decided to take the third fort in the Karrotenbad area while waiting for reinforcements. Neckersburg is defended by a battalion of border guards so it would be an easy job to capture.

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