Monday, December 15, 2014

Refurbished map and character sheets

This is a smaller, 60x80 hex (if I remember right) map of the world. Any resemblance to historical nations and geography is accidental. You can now access the map from the 'Basic information' page and download the full-size version.
This would call for slower movement rates on campaign, so an army will have to have over 75% cavalry to move 4 hexes a day (applied to messengers too), and any other unit will move 2 hex per day, 3 in forced march (only on roads), and roll on 1d6 and reduce movement rate by 1 hex when rolling a 1.
This time I opted not to name many settlements and fortresses and name them on the go. I can always look up older posts or turn to the old map for inspiration or naming these consistently. Also, the geography is a bit different from the previous version but I tried to keep the events of the Störkburg campaign relevant.

The character sheet was another sensitive matter. I have not had good profiles for most of the personalities besides some very basic guidelines. What helped me a great deal was constructing a chronology (also available at the info page) and give a descriptive age to each character, then use the stuff already described in various scrap files and notes from the Schultze-Böhnstadt folder on my laptop (Training and Temperament). Added to this were the many fun aspects of 'Creating Big Men' mechanisms from Sharp Practice: physique, popularity, character traits etc. Looks and personality goes to the 'Misc' part. 

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