Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Treaty of Neu-Leuchtenberg

The defeated von Presser had met with Princeps Erhard Berthold at the fortress of Neu-Leuchtenberg to sign the peace treaty; a messenger with switched horses was sent to Rückelburg and another to General Hohenspitz with news of the armistice and following negotiations.
The Princeps reasoned, and Erik von Südflosse agreed, that they must not be heavy-handed about the conditions of the treaty, but they must set clear borders:

The Union will renounce all claims of the Störkburg Valley and consider it mandatory to rest its frontier on the Grühne. Any action by local nobility and outlaws against Principality settlements will be met with force on the Flossian side.
The Union, when called for, will provide materials for any Böhnstadter war effort up to a sum of 50,000 Thalers.
Karrotenbad and the neighboring region, up to the border, will be demilitarized.

In return, the Principality will march out of Union territory and will respect the Union's sovereignty over the territories described above.
The Principality, above the possible future 50,000 Thalers, will not ask for any further toll.

These terms were most generous in von Presser's eyes as well, so he signed the treaty with dignity, and the knowledge that, when the time will come, he will be more prepared for a fight instead of sending fresh recruits to the frontlines. But where could he gain a well-trained army? His thoughts were wandering again.

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