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FSW Campaign Log, Year 2

Turn13, March 1524
PR 2nd army concentrates in the south
Porto Cancere fleet selects loyalty: GA, hostile to SC
CA ultimatum to fortress A (3): surrenders, taken POW
GA moves against CA territory with main army
SC forces arrive under Porto Cancere, ultimatum (5): does not surrender, CIC wary of taking the city by storm

Turn14, April 1524
PR 2nd army moves to the east
CA main army ready to fight GA, advances to the east
GA pulls back into fortifications
SC forces indecisive, Beatrice Schiavona loses confidence in CIC

Turn15, May 1524
PR crosses the river, aiming for CA territory
CA army pulls back, LOC cut? (3): YES, PR stands battle (5): YES

- decisive CA victory – 
PR losses: all of the cavalry kia/wounded/pow, 1coy pretoriani foot, 3coy light infantry
CA losses: 80 militia horse, 1coy cuirassiers, 1coy CivMaria infantry
results: PR army moves back on LOC, CA reestablishes connection

GA trains army
SC Beatrice Schiavona takes command of the army & prepares the storming of Porto Cancere; only 6COY garrison remaining, after multiple threats, they surrender & are incorporated to SC army, left to defend the port under supervision (1btn foot)

Turn16, June 1524
PR 1st army to secure capitol, 2nd army moves to the south against SC
CA still determined to advance on GA, road now clear to the capitol, marches on it? (5): YES
GA army assembled & ready to march on Parmigiano parallel to CA
SC 2nd army embarks for the island fort, 9coy defense (loyalist); 1st army reconnaisance against PR

Turn17, July 1524
PR requests Glambrian intervention again; Glambria asks for the region of Alba in return, is refused – 2nd army pickets encounter SC advance guard, 1st army entrenched below Parmigiano
CA encounters pockets of resistance of wealthy nobility & citizenry, forced back? (4): NO, older Calvacasa wary about losing LOC again, hesitant
GA cavalry screen intercepts CA advance guard, parallel marches halt
SC awaits the news from the island, 1st army remains in position – battle is refused

Battle of Forte Crasso
The garrison surrenders after multiple bombardments & a breach on the inner fort; SC loses 1coy infantry, 3 mortars, 1 howitzer; 4coy & artillery left behind to guard the fort

Turn18, August 1524
PR recruits in Alba & Tricia, 12COY to join 1st army in 1 turn
CA army asks for heavy artillery from forts, will arrive next turn, builds entrenched camp
GA army worried about SC advance, recruits 11coy + 2 cannon in the SE
SC 2nd army will return to Schiavona next turn, PC, PPesc, Schiavona recruit 19COY in total, will concentrate to the north

Turn19, September 1524
PR 1st army entrenched & watching Parmigiano roads
CA army ready to atk  Parmigiano
GA army cuts SC LOC
SC 2nd army ready to face GA

Turn20, October 1524
PR 1st army faces CA; 2nd army moves on SC
CA army advances on the capitol
GA army retreats
SC 1st army faces PR, 2nd marches on GA

Turn21, November 1524
1st PR vs CA – the battle of Parmigiano-Loriento

decisive CA victory – PR surrenders the whole army, Pretoriani press ganged to CA service (4COY)
CA losses: all of the militia cavalry, 3COY militia foot, 1btn regular foot
CA gains 8 cannon

2nd PR vs 1st SC, the battle of Truciano Hills
Utter defeat of 2PR, 3COY light horse routed, the rest KIA/surrendered
SC losses: 5coy infantry, 4coy cavalry, 10 cannon taken

GA army concentrates on SC 2nd army’s lines, ready to abuse a CA defeat to the west

Turn22, December 1524
CA enters parmigiano, holds council, citizens friendly (4): NO
PR cedes southern territories to SC, asks for Flossian and Armagnac help (a feint to receive aid from Catholic Glambria), recruits 9COY foot, public outrage? (5): YES, awaiting results of diplomatic talk
GA indecisive where to strike, LOC now threatened by CA
SC signs peace agreement with PR, 1st army marches back to PCancere to await reinforcements, 2nd army enters GA territory

Turn23, Jan 1525
Frost & famine strike all armies, unable to move

Turn24, Feb 1525
CA delivers food to Parmigiano, friendly pop (3): NO, rebellion (5): YES, Old Calvacasa nicknamed ’the Unlucky
PR recruits all available manpower (2d8 coy), flossian freikoprs join the cause in hopes of high cash, all 1d6 horse/foot, 1d6 COY
Blattner – horse 4
Kreutzwald – horse 6 
von Klotz – horse 1
GA recruits light troops for kleine krieg 7COY, evades main SC army to starve them, success (4): YES
SC 1st and 2nd armies interlink to strike on GA, food supply provided from ports, re-organization to one large army

~Campaign Notes~

This year felt more intense despite still only a fewer actions being fought.
Sieges 2
Pitched battles 2
of which decisive 2

The old Count Calvacasa had badly thrashed the Prosciutto army twice and seized the capitol in the process. As fortunate as he was on the field, the hinterlands don't look very good, and reinforcements are a big thing for the poor northerners.
I originally intended to have each turn last a week, so the Schiavona army spending two months idle under Porto Cancere is not entirely OK, on the other hand, a general who would have seen the massacre at the storming of Porto Pescatore would have been very, very worried about such actions - unlike the head of the House whose army he had commanded. 
IIRC the following years will have more close-fought battles, but one can appreciate that it takes multiple weeks to position an army right for a battle, and it usually still requires the enemy to stand and fight too.
Campaign movement is still quite abstract and I usually use an action-reaction sequence instead of placing armies at a determined point on the map. It's more believable if you think with the opposing general's head: well there is the enemy army SOMEWHERE in this area, or it may be at multiple places; there are contradictory reports coming in from spies and scouts etc., and still the enemy may show up at a completely different place.

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