Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Treasure of Pizzarro

This is episode four of the Flashing Steel mini-campaign. Two 320pt parties search for the hidden treasure of Pizzarro, as both the loyalist and rebel side is in dire need of gold. 
There were six markers placed on the field: four of these are dummies. Whichever side controls two markers wins the game. If both sides acquire one, a die is rolled to break the tie.

The bandits basically used the same composition as in the previous battle they had won. The loyalist commander has counted on this, and organized a group of veteran horsemen. 

The race for the hidden treasure had soon begun, and the first kill was scored by the American marksman Jerome Franklin. 

The cavalrymen had the advantage in mobility, so the rebels decided to lie in ambush. A long-range shot missed the foremost rider.

Soon a bunch of tokens were discovered, and the loyalist commander had both real ones. It was time to finish the rebels.

A bandit swordsman swung his rapier and the commander's horse shied, but he quickly regained control and smote his attacker.

The marksman lurking in the swamp was also charged and cut to pieces. This was the final straw for the bandits: they ran back to the woods near the border.

The loyalists could cash in both victory tokens, but they're still at a 4-3 disadvantage.
The rebels lost one morale point, so the enemy took the lead at 5-4.

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