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FSW Campaign Log, Year 3

Turn25, March 1525
CA presents a magnificent speech to calm Parmigiano citizens (4): YES, food is being delivered, 6COY volunteers join army
PR moves in to retake SW territories
GA moves on SC, happens upon main force, falls back
SC hesitant to move on GA with muddy roads & unsure about their strength

Turn26, April 1525
CA recruits Flossian and Varangian freikorps:
Hartjenstein – foot 5
Von Braun – horse 6
PR recruits on retaken territories, 11coy, public outrage? (3): YES
GA entrench/attack: entrench
SC entrench/attack: entrench (stalemate); set trap for irregulars (4): NO, they elude them

Turn27, May 1525
CA moves south of Parmigiano to gain new territories & train army, do they encounter GA light troops? (4): NO
PR secures position in Tricia
GA light troops rejoin main army
SC delay/attack: delay, army general disposed of? (4): absolutely

Turn28, June 1525
CA army firmly holding Parmigiano & surrounding provinces, general recruitment to control hinterlands: 13coy militia
PR moves west, probing CA positions
GA moves on SC, thinking their army weakened
SC THE GREAT JOAN OF ARC MOMENT (4): no, army retreats in disorder, more heads chopped off

Turn29, July 1525
CA army ready to take on PR
PR army evades (3): NO, has to fight a running battle

the battle of Troiana, CA vs PR – draw, PR army extricated
PR cavalry & 1btn pandurs lost
CA entire cavalry routed, 170 freikorps killed
(PR freikorps most likely quit the field before being captured, they may start looting next turn)

GA stops at the border (3): YES
SC nominates more ruthless generals, Mendolia & Lorenzini

Turn30, August 1525
CA: a mystery man, former chamberlain Brunelleschi offers service to reconcile Parmigiano citizenry; the re-forming of the cavalry begins, with 12COY recruited at home and 1COY in Parmigiano
PR army secures Tricia, recruits Freikorps instead of levy: 
fk Waldmann horse 4 
fk Riedel inf 4 
fk Pölzl horse 5 
fk Böhnisch inf 6
GA proceeds (3): YES
SC army under the new commanders blocks GA’s way, repulsed (4): NO, stalemate
SC fleet produces 3 Ships of the Line, they sail north to raid GA ports

Turn31, Sep 1525
CA consolidates position in Parmigiano, army at full strength, but hesitant to advance on PR
PR army content to secure own territories, contemplates suing for peace with CA & marching on SC
GA army retreats and fortifies, 4 ships encounter SC fleet:

3 frigates 1 SOL v 3 SOL
decisive SC victory, 1 ship has to return to port to make repairs, enemy fleet strikes
SC spies alerted by PR plot (4): YES

Turn32, Oct 1525
CA and PR hold cease-fire then enter secret agreement, prisoner exchange
PR army moves south
SC army moves to the north, fleet blockading GA ports
GA enters peace agreement with SC and ready to take on CA

Turn33, Nov 1525
Early frost sets in, no campaign moves

Turn34, Dec 1525
Check for famine (5): no, armies dispersed

Turn35, Jan 1526
CA army alerted of GA threat, full mobilisation with garrisons left to guard the border – the old Count Calvacasa has found his will to act
PR army moves swiftly under Porto Cancere, demands surrender of the garrison, will be relieved in 2 turns
GA army perceives CA threat, moves to intercept
SC Porto Cancere garrison receives reinforcements through the sea, 4COY militia, 1COY marines

Turn36, Feb 1526
CA and GA armies collide at the Battle of Tunguscano Shore

decisive CA victory, GA armies retreat
CA losses: freikorps von braun routed, will reform next turn, 1COY civmar horse
GA losses: all of the cavalry, 2COY cacciatori, 1btn light foot

PR army decides to take PCancere by storm

PR losses: 3COY FK riedel, 4COY FK pölzl, 5COY militia, 2COY line
do the ‘your generals killed’ shake (4): NO
the town taken, taking the fort would mean time & at least as many losses as before; PR main army falls back, cavalry ready to fight a rearguard action with SC cavalry

SC army on the move to relieve PCancere

~Campaign Notes~

Just as quickly as the great kingdoms during the period of European wars of succession, the Formaggian houses could switch allegiance and vie for the optimal position in a four-way fight. Schiavona and Calvacasa forces now dominate the field, but the old Pietro di Calvacasa is less firm-footed and, well, old, while Beatrice Schiavona's disregard for human life begins to pay off.

Sieges: 1 failed
Pitched battles: 2, of which decisive: 1
Naval battles: 1

The Prosciutto field commanders, it seems, had not learned from their previous mistakes, but at least managed to save their army from disintegration, and of course the Calvacasa troopers could not give chase.
House Gattopardo, on the other hand, will never really be able to regain strength after losing all of their veteran troopers to Calvacasa.
In this dance of giants, however, maneuvering is still more important than a decisive victory, and the armies are all too reliant on their lines of communication, wary to give long chases.

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