Thursday, March 2, 2017

Forte Prada redoubts, day 2

We're back to the Calvacasa rebellion and the siege of Forte Prada. After some hesitation by the rebel side, and appointing Captain d'Arson siege master for the second time after his recovery from illness, the besiegers had elected a straight approach. All the Forte Prada garrison units had, by that time, retreated behind the main trenches. 

Intelligence was captured about the relief column marching on the main road, so after minimal preparations, the rebels chose to storm the gate with all the forces they had.

Parallel trenches were dug hastily towards a better position for assault.

The artillery quit the main trench to get a better aim of the loyalist battery.

The Civita Maria regulars failed to turn the loyalist foot out of their positions.

The rebel heavy artillery, on the other hand, chased the gun crew away.

The second wave hit, and the veteran Varangian troops chased the militia off.

A volley was delivered and the remaining men surrendered just outside the gate. 

The rebel artillery succeeded in taking out the enemy gun on the bastion, and the first wave was ordered forward again, despite their earlier casualties.

The gate was blasted open by the abandoned howitzer, and after some fierce fighting, the Varangians subdued the reserve militia unit.

The rest were routed by the effective volleys of the Cacciatore. but they could not hold out on the parapet by themselves.

D'Arson prepared for heavy losses from the beginning, and he was proven right. The victory was hard won, so now I have to think about how to penalize the rebel units for the coming battles.

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