Monday, September 18, 2017

Colonial Wars - Major Powers clash

The Qutut Bog was the site of a clash between the Böhnstadter colonial army and the Glambrian expeditionary force. Although a more numerous Glambrian force was the one to start an advance, they were somewhat surprised in their positions - although not on par with the hardy Böhnstadters, the Glambrian soldiers were fleet-footed enough to form battle order and move their heavy battery up the sandhill east of Qutut Town.
The battle started with a determined Böhnstadter advance in the center and the right. A detachment of native infantry covered the left, the mercenaries and European foot the center, and the cavalry took the extreme right, although somewhat limited by the foothills of Qutbalat Ridge.

The infantry advance in the center seemed uncoordinated first, but then the lines were straightened like clockwork.

Despite receiving heavy bombardment, the Böhnstadter foot held, and a cavalry action developed on the Glambrian left, as their cavalry moved to counter the enemy advance. The Glambrian horse was pushed back, but the heavy battery mauled a Böhnstadter Dragoon unit so badly they had dispersed.

The cavalry combat still resulted in the Glambrian notable being captured, three units of horse destroyed, the fourth one cut off and taken captive.

On the Böhnstadter left, the great bog reduced mobility, and the unruly native foot ran out in the open, only to cut up by the Glambrian regulars. Still, by this point the battle on the other flank was decided. The Glambrian general asked for the honours of war, which the Böhnstadter commander in chief, being mindful of the state of his own troops, granted.

Campaign results:
Glambria concedes – 1EP
Notable captured

Böhnstadt gains 4EP – 1 for Fighting, 1 for Carnage, 1 for Accepting a Surrender, 1 for Honors of War

SB loses a dragoon and an irregular unit
Glambria loses 4 cavalry units

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