Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eugen Jäger battalion

Coincidentally, Schultzdorf is the recruiting pool for members of the Schultzdorf Brigade. When called to battle, those already mastering the rifle (hunters, foresters and the like) enter the Eugen Jäger battalion, which is quite the addition to the regular army. It is usually deployed together with the 1st Regiment but is a new addition, being just a few years old as a separate unit.
During the wars in the South, battling rebels on the side of the Chancellorette Beatrice Schiavona, it was von Hohenspitz who insisted on raising irregular troops to match the rebels' guerrilla tactics. The Eugen Jäger battalion has been institutionalized only a few years later.
The unit is currently led by Major Jagdfeld, a quite adept but often harsh officer, originating from Störkburg.

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