Friday, February 28, 2014

Prinzeps Erhard Berthold of the House of Jazygia

Here's the man himself, His Majesty the Princeps Erhard Berthold, Heir to the Jazygian Throne, Markgraf Odontoceros, the Lion of the Grühne, Protector of Störkburg. Always a calm person and at his wits, but lacking military experience, he will soon overtake the lead of the 2nd Dreichholm Brigade. 
Following his father on the throne, he quickly made some reforms, throwing out lazy ministers of the state, appointed the very able Erik von Südflosse to the seat of the Chancellor, negotiated quickly with Varangia, ensuring a long-lasting peace. Matters of the state then kept him busy until the Flossian ultimatum; now, with a perfectly working state machine and moderate taxes in the hinterlands, he is ready for the campaign.

He wears an ad hoc uniform, a dark green vest with red turnbacks and facings. He does not like gold but his rank must be shown so the decorations on the coat are golden. A formidable swordsman, he is equipped with the Sword of Schultzdorf, a richly decorated blade given to him by his city of birth.

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