Saturday, February 22, 2014

I/1. Pioneer battalion

The pioneer regiment has three battalions, two assigned to brigades on the field and a third, provisional battalion to train fresh recruits. This last will probably be called to services once Dietrich von Spülge begins recruiting for the third Böhnstadter brigade.
The Pioneers carry out most duties related to construction, but are well trained in combat as well. The 1st battalion, assigned to von Hohenspitz's Schultzdorf Brigade, is led by Lt.Col. Harlein, a very able officer, owner of the regiment.

Like most of the regular infantry with the exception of the 1st Rgt of Foot, the Pioneers wear a black (dark grey) vest with red cuffs and turnbacks. Instead of a tricorne or grenadier mitre they are given bearskin hats.

Their combat experience in the current war is limited to building mortar carriages during the siege of Mecklenheim, clearing out the earthworks with the Eugen Jäger, then blowing up the main gate. 

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