Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Knight Colonel Herbert von Plischke

The Knight von Plischke is one of the richest magnates in the Principality; luckily for the crown, he is a good officer on the field as well. He inherited the rank of owner of the 1st Prinzipalitär Regiment after his father's death a few years before, and had ventured, with General von Hohenspitz, to Quattri Formaggi to fight the rebels earlier: as such, he does not lack military experience. With his years, well above forty, he had learnt to manage his temper, but is prone to make rash decisions.

He likes to wear the officer's outfit of the 1st Regiment with a purple sash and cavalry boots. His decorations include the Greatcross of the Army and The Golden Star Order of the House of Jazygia, worn under his coat's facings, as one time a Formaggian marksman took advantage of its shining - luckily he was hit on his left arm instead of his heart. This latter medal was given to him as former ambassador to Gluteborg-Varangia, and arranging a contract with the Varangian Court to divide the contested northern territories without conflict.

A post of how this 1/56 Minden Miniatures figure was painted will soon be published (along with the painting details on Princeps Erhard Berthold [spoilers!]) on the Random&Creative blog.


  1. His uniform certainly conveys his accomplishments and reputation. Lovely character. Best, Dean