Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Campaign Diary, 3-4 April

The small fort of Spürsburg yielded to von Hohenspitz without a fight. Its defenders, four companies of militia were sent back towards Störkburg, a troop of Freelancers escorting them.

Süderwaldhoffen, the fortress where Bishop Michheim stopped his brigade, produced two battalions that joined the brigade in an attempt to fill its ranks after the losses at Strutzenheim. The bishop decided that the 1st Landwehr battalion will be merged to the other five, bringing up their numbers to 120 and leaving one battalion with 83 men. Although he is a commander limited in abilities, he recognized that even with these six and a half battalions he could not stand against Hohenspitz, and neither could he wage asymmetrical warfare due to his troops being untrained. He could gather the forces of nearby forts and also plead to a neighboring militia battalion to boost his power but this would take a few days and in that time von Hohenspitz would continue wreaking havoc in the countryside. Although the old general was civil with the populace so far, Michheim feared too much this would end. He had sent another messenger to the capital, even overestimating the Böhnstadter strength a little bit. Another party was sent to the closest fortifications to help him out with cannon and troops. This was, on the other hand, Elector Strutzenheim's territory, so he could not recruit new units for the brigade.

Elector von Presser gathered his household troops and mustered them. He had three under-manned battalions of jäger, three regular fusilier battalions, and two dragoon squadrons led by his nephew. However, he had no idea where to intervene, now that the news of the loss of Strutzenheim reached the capital.
(At this point, the Flossian high command has no idea that the Princeps himself is partaking in the war as the crew of the two forts are all taken prisoner.)

Lady Ingetora reached the Varangian border and has been greeted by a screen of reiters that took over her escort from the Böhnstadter dragoons. She was aiming for the capital without stopping.

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