Monday, May 19, 2014

In Hindsight...

I firmly believe that with my limited painting time and skills, it will be much more convenient (and less harsh to my purse) to use 6mm figures for the strategical gaming aspect. This also allows me to bulk up orders when starting my 6mm Poltava project (if that ever happens!).
I would also like to try Maurice with these figures, which means a different approach to basing, and a lot of plasticard. However, the physical rulebook with the cards is sort of pricey. 

The whole Böhnstadter army in 6mm (Baccus packs) would consist of 6 infantry packs (one grenadier, one fusilier, four musketeer), one or two command packs, three cannon packs, 3 dragoons, 3 cuirassiers, 2 hussars and 1 jäger, ending up to 120£ in price total. I imagine the Flossians would cost the same, which is still a moderate and achievable price if I divide my purchases over several months (or find a higher-end job for the summer).
It would also be a more feasible approach to fill the two opposing armies at a similar rate (e.g. buying units for both at the same time) so I could experiment with tabletop gaming. 

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