Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happenings on the Map

Prince Erhard Berthold left the capital with Erik von Südflosse and a company of reserve Garde du Corps (the rest is campaigning with von Hohenspitz). They reached Karrotenbad in two days as the Princeps decided to cut the route towards Spülge on the nearer side of the Grühne river and capture the two closer forts with whatever troops are available to him. They raised eight ad hoc companies in Gleutring and Karrotenbad and took a ninth from the fort's defenses, along with a pair of small bore cannon. This totals a strong enough infantry force, along with two screens of Karrotenbad dragoons and the guard cuirassiers to accomplish the task.

Dietrich von Spülge estimated that, with the rain coming up from the south (the same that soaked von Hohenspitz's greatcoat under Mecklenheim), it will take about three more days until the ordnance from the nearby forts reaches him and he can launch the attack on the Flossians occupying Grübsheim.

The ragged Flossian Landwehr brigade marched north on a narrow road in the woods, hoping to either cut von Hohenspitz's march on the capital or shelter themselves in a nearby fort and cause enough delayment in the Böhnstadter general's plan that reinforcements could reach them.

Von Hohenspitz decided to march west instead of north or north-east and capture Spürsburg first, with the cavalry setting up a perimeter so an attack by the underestimated provisional brigade would not suprise them.

The Flossian recruitment troops are marching out to build up fresh units, especially cavalry as their cavalry brigade was lost at the second battle of Spülge.

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