Monday, January 27, 2014

Info Page update

Updated the 'Basic information' page with rules and an up to date army list of the participants.
Painting begins this weekend.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First figures arrived!

I am not home at the moment, but both the packs from Minden and Essex Miniatures have landed. Can't wait to start painting them.

In 15mm, I am starting to build the 1st Schultzdorf Brigade. The Essex order contains:
8x (Prussian Jäger) 1. Eugen Jäger battalion
8x (Prussian von Schony Grenadier) I/1. Pioneers
24x (Prussian Grenadier) the 2 grenadier battalions of the 1st Prinzipalitär and one of the 2nd Störkburger regiments.

These will be based on 15x15mm square plasticard bases and put on trays for versatility. Say, I'd like to play with different rules, the chance is given. My house rules use 8 men units, and one battalion will make up an in-game unit; while using Risk figures, a unit base was 6x2cm, this will be now 6x3, so only the depth will change.

The order from Minden Miniatures contains a von Seydlitz figure and Prussian staff officers who will be the heads of the Principality's army. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Schultze-Böhnstadt Comes 'Alive'

In the next few months I will be painting 1/72 GNW figures if I can take my time; however, along with that, I have thought of building a tabletop army for Schultze-Böhnstadt as well.

Rules-wise, I either prefer using my house rules A Risk to Take, or trying out Maurice when the chance is given.

Figures-wise, for 15mm I would be using Old Glory and Essex, and for 28mm Minden Miniatures. The latter is for skirmish gaming and characters, mainly because my pocket is not limitless.

I am a 1/72 buff, it is true, but the range, even with the newer HäT releases, is too far limited. On the other hand, I could use the Italeri AWI range, just like how I intend to use Perry AWI Brits as Flossians. But no, I am set on these two other scales.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Footnotes and technicalities

1. I will need a more reliable way to administer unit strengths than hitting up older blog posts. By that, I mean an extensive excel table with unit strength, location, losses, commanders.

2. I will need to work out more crisp campaign rules regarding spendings and movement.

3. I should instate a campaign diary to keep track of dates and movements.

These are from experiences with running another tabletop campaign for a few sessions now, and while it increases the weight of 'bureaucracy' it makes it easier to track things.

I have changed hardware in the meantime and this beast runs on Win7. This, somehow, messes up all the screenshots I make, so until I find an alternative, I won't be able to publish the results on the battle of Strutzenheim.

I have placed my first order of Minden figures, Prussian staff on foot and a von Seydlitz figure who will be the venerable General Hohenspitz. The bulk will come in later.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dance of Giants

When we left the scene, the Flossians lost the second battle of Spülge at the East and von Hohenspitz captured the small border fortress of Mecklenheim. The few escapees of the Flossian cavalry brigade retreated towards Grübsheim, sending a messenger home. 
Why is this errand important? As the Flossian brigades are beaten and Grübsheim is in no state to be defended for a long time, the road to the capital is open for Dietrich von Spülge, with the hinterlands hastily gathering reinforcements for the fight. With a forced march von Spülge could reach Rückelburg in a week and lay siege to it, as the Flossian brigades cannot muster enough force now to relieve it in time. 
The left-over of the Union army in the East expects the errand to make the road to the capital or find patrols in three days, from whence the mobilization of what is available could take two more, and by the beginning of next week, in a forced march, they would be able to get to Grübsheim and strengthen it or cut von Spülge's way, resting flanks on some smaller fort in between.

Lazily joining up with the Freelancers, von Hohenspitz prepares the assault on Bishop Michheim's militia. The Flossian elector is still hesitating to stand battle or retreat.