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Army organization, Böhnstadt army list

All independent army divisions consist of a main army and the supply train, camp followers, workers etc.
Battalion of foot consists of 120 soldiers, cavalry squadron of 90. Artillery battery consists of 4 field guns or 10 mortars, no multi-barreled or howitzers.
Regiment of foot is 3 battalions by standard, cavalry regiment is 2 squadrons.

Army (usually one per state)
Corps - grouped temporally
Division - 2 brigades

Each brigade by standard has a pioneer battalion and a pair of dragoon and light cavalry squadrons for foraging, reckoning, escorting duties.

Pioneer battalion's crew is 45 grenadiers and 75 field workers, 15/25 making up an operative company. They can build defense lines, palings, bridges, trenches etc., repair buildings, set up artillery depots.


Regiment of foot
Commander - Lt. Gen. or Colonel - 1st battalion
Vice-commander - Lt. Col. - 2nd battalion
3rd battalion commander - Major
1-3 bat. vice-commanders, Major/Capt.
Regimental clerk and subordinates per battalion

All battalions and higher units can own standards, elite squads can be set up for defending these.

Cavalry regiment
Squadron commanders
V. Sqd. commanders
Company leaders
Clerk and subordinates per squadron
Stablemen, acquirers, smith

Cuirassier regiments do not belong to any brigades' list.

Böhnstadt army list at the start of current campaign

First campaign
-2 Brigades

1. (Schultzdorf) Brigade
Von Hohenspitz
At quarters in Böhnstadt outskirts

Schlachtgruppe 1. (temporary) – Maxim Harlein
I Rgt./1 Pioneer battalion – Lt. Col Harlein (qual.: 7)
1-2. Field Gun Battery – Col. Gertwitz (X)
1. (Eugen) Jäger btn. – Maj. Jagdfeld [Swiss] (4)

InfanterieHerbert von Plischke
1st Prinzipalitär Guard Rgt. of Foot btn. 1-3. – von Plischke (5)
btn. 4-5. Grenadiers (5)
2nd (Störkburger) Rgt of Foot btn. 1-3. – Col. von Blatter (4)
btn. 4. Grenadiers (6)

KavallerieMarkus Kollerbach
3. Rgt. Kav. Leib-Dragoner bat. 1-2. – Col. Kollerbach (3)*

*Dragoons, considered as mounted foot soldiers, are organized into battalions when under direct command of a Brigade's HQ.

Not in the army list
1. (Selbständig) Sqd. Prinzepsen Garde du Corps – under direct control (7)
1. Rgt. Kav. Annelise Küirassieren sqd. 1-2 – Col. Schalwerden (4)
Freelancer Companies sqd. 1-4 (2 raiding parties, 2 JzP [Swiss in game] and 2 dragoon squadrons) – Lt. Col. von Petzger (2)

2. (Dreichholm) Brigade
Von Spülge
At quarters in Fort Dreichholm

Schlachtgruppe 2. (temporary) – Peter von Wraugspitze
I Rgt./2. Pioneer bat. – Maj. von Wraugspitze (7)
3-4. Field Gun Battery – Lt. Col. Spilsske (X)

InfanterieSiegfried von Kahlen
2nd Prinzipalität Rgt. of Foot btn. 1-2. – Col. von Kahlen (4)
btn. 3. Grenadiers (4)
3rd (Schultzdorfer) Rgt. of Foot btn 1-3. (3)

KavallerieGebhard von Paulitz
4. Rgt. Kav. Dragoner bat. 1-3. – Lt. Col. Midnansk (3)
5. Rgt. Kav. Leibhussaren von Paulitz sqd. 1-2. – Col. von Paulitz (4)

Not in the army list
2. Rgt. Kav. Prinzess Angela Küirassieren sqd. 1-2. – under direct command (6)
Freelancer Companies sqd. 5-8. (2 raiding parties) – Col. Grebzau (2)

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