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...Or what I have invented so far! This list contains the characters which are already set and are to lead the armies of Schultze-Böhnstadt and the Union an dem Flosse.

Main stats: roll on 1d20

1. Temperament – will affect battlefield and campaign decisions

1-4 Misantrophic
5-8 Moody
9-12 Moderate
13-16 Bold
17-20 Hot-headed

2. Training (can change regarding academic training)

1-4 Inept
5-8 Quickly learning
9-12 Adept
13-16 Spirited
17-20 Seasoned

Secondary stats: based on primary & others
Cavalry/infantry/foot commander
Education and interests

Leader pack, Schultze-Böhnstadt

Erhard Berthold von Jazygia – Princeps of Böhnstadt
Private Education: +-1 on Temperament, +1 on Training
Temperament: 8+1 Moderate
Training: 9+1 Adept

The Princeps is a busy man, always caring about diplomacy and managing his state. He inherited the throne after his father Eugen Jürgen at the age of 24, he’s 38 now and knows his way in politics – but not warfare as he spent the last 14 years in peace. Due to his high education he is quick to learn though.

Erik von Südflosse
College of Schultzdorf education: +-1 on Temperament
Temperament: 13-1 Moderate
Training: 16 Spirited

Von Südflosse is the young (28) right hand of the Princeps as Lord-Chancellor of his Council. He likes to do every each of his tasks before due time and hastens every process he is able to. Has a weakness for women and tends to forget things too fast.

Karl von Hohenspitz – General Major
Störkburg Academy training: +-2 on Temperament; +2 on Training
Temperament: 8+2 Moderate
Training: 18+2 Seasoned
Cavalry commander

A veteran of the Varangian Wars and at the age of 56, Karl von Hohenspitz lead the armies of Schultze-Böhnstadt to victory countless times. His enemies fear him, so do his soldiers. Awarded with the Order of the Flosse by the tetrarchs of the Union and the Great Cross of the Shining Star by his Princeps, Erhard Berthold of the House of Jazygia. He collects various coins and bird feathers, and loves to compose cheesy poems. Commands the peace-time armies of Böhnstadt which are reduced in number and require a „lesser general” to lead. His rank means he must attend the 1st (Schultzdorf) Brigade as well and command his subordinate von Spülge of the 2nd brigade.

Secondary ranks

Dietrich von Spülge – Lieutenant General
Störkburg Academy training: +-2 on Temperament; +1 on Training (lazy chap!)
Te 13-2 Moderate
Tr 2+1 Inept
Cavalry officer

Von Spülge is a lazy young officer who inherited his military rank at the age of 30 after the death of his father, Anders von Spülge, a dignified military genius of the early wars of the century. He finished the Military Academy with not so shiny grades and has been a Colonel of the Prinzess Angela Küirassieren before being promoted to general. He has no clue about the military arts whatsoever, but has a kind and gentle heart and knows his men well. He leads the 2nd (Dreichholm) Brigade of the Principality’s armies.

Leader pack, Flosse

Magnus Walther von Presser - Elector
Rückelburg Academy of Law, +-2 on Te, +2 on Tr
Te 20-2 Hot-headed
Tr 2+2 Inept
Infantry commander

The head of the Electorate, 62-year old von Presser is from a highborne family and has worked as a lawyer in the State Office of Rückelburg, then became an attorney – he knows how to direct a state by law, and is a very virtuous man who respects his opponents. Likes riding and has an own infantry regiment he commands with an iron fist. In fact he lacks military experience as he has spent the last few conflicts sitting in various offices. It’s easy to make him angry and more easier to make peace with him. The four electors by the way do not vote for a common leader – they share power instead and hold councils every month in Rückelburg.

Lothar Könstrelle - Elector
Businessman, +1 on Te, -1 on Tr
Te 10+1 Moderate
Tr 1-1, Very Inept
Infantry commander

The second elector is a wool importer. Könstrelle is a simple man with a low attention span and always full of ideas. He is the most balanced personality of the four, but has zero military experience.

Michael Michheim - Elector
Scholar, -1 on Te, +2 on Tr
Te 9-1 Moody
Tr 4+2, Quickly learning
Infantry commander

The bishop Michheim, the third elector is a very cautious man and has a wide variety of interests. He’s 40, and usually in a bad mood. He is a collector of ancient literature and can be rarely seen without a book or two. There are rumors about him visiting brothels in Rückelburg but who can judge these?
Alfred von Strutzenheim - Elector
Military Academy of Schlachthoff am Flosse, +-2 on Te, +1 on Tr
Te 17-2 Bold
Tr 3+1 Inept
Cavalry commander

The fourth elector, being 47 now, rose to fame in the Varangian Wars and the War of Leuwenthaal, first as a mercenary working for Glambria, then a colonel of his own kinsmen. He’s not good at leading men but very fine as a second-in-command or leading a flank. He cannot bear responsibility and lacks creativity – two things that don’t match to a commander in his rank, as all electors are ordered to raise a Brigade when it comes to war. He’s also quick to snap at any of his subordinates if they make a mistake. On the positive side: he’s a daring cavalry commander („he’s too stupid to understand how perilous his situation is”, as his commander, Josquin de Derpi said at the battle of Bugsdam).

Otto von Leuchtenberg – Field Marshall
Military Academy of Schlachthoff am Flosse, +-2 on Te, +1 on Tr
Te 19-2 Hot-headed
Tr 5+1 Quickly learning
Infantry commander

Leuchtenberg bought a rank of General at the age of 49, he’s 52 now and, as there is no better man to lead the armies of the Union, he is entitled as CIC of all the military force within the state. A very responsible man, but „has no fantasy”, as one of his colleagues mentioned. He likes racing and hunting hounds above all, and smokes way too much.

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