Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brigades of the Union assemble

The assembly of troops took no more than three weeks. At the beginning of April the Flossian main army gathered in Geistwold. This army, named the 1st Division contained the following:

6. Rückelburg Brigade - under direct command of Field Marshal von Leuchtenberg

I. Pandurs zu Fuss 1-3. (4) Col. von Werther
4. Grenadiers (7)
VIII. Füsilieren 1-3. (3) Col. Eisberg
IX. Füsilieren 1-3. (3)

5. Klaußstadt Cavalry Brigade - under direct command of Elector von Strutzenheim
At quarters in Klaußstadt

I. Garde du Corps 1-2. (6) under direct command
V. Leib-Küirassieren 1-2. (5) Lt. Col. Schwannberg
II. Leib-Dragoner 1-3. (5) Lt. Col (promoted) Schilswig
III. Karabinieren 1-3. (2) Col. (promoted) Fichte
IV. Hussaren 1-3. (3) Lt. Col (promoted) Mösenberg

1st Independent dragoon (escort) squadron - no appointed commander
Artillery regiment A, 2 batteries, Col. Größfud
V. Rgt 1-3. Pionieren (7) Col. Mannwehld

In the meantime, the Landwehr Brigade's six battalions (one pike and one musket per regiment, in the good old-fashioned way) were assembled and sent to Grübsheim with the lead of Elector Michheim.

Landwehr Brigade - Elector Miccheim as acting Lieutenant General
Rgt. 1 1-2. (X) Lt. Col von Mulke
Rgt. 2 1-2. (X) Major von Glebstrühr
Rgt 3 1-2. (X)  Lt. Col Schmidt

The other two brigades, under assembly, would contain the following:

1st Rückelburg Brigade - under direct command of Elector von Presser

Von Presser's Leib (foot) Rgt 1-3. (4) - under direct command
II. Rgt. Grenzer (from the Selbständig battalions and reserve) 1-3. - Col. (promoted) Fischer
III. Rgt. Füsilieren 1-3. (3) - Col. von Mauser
4. Grenadiers (4) 
IV. Rgt. Füsilieren 1-3. (3) - no appointed commander

2nd Geistwold Cavalry Brigade - under direct command of Elector von Könstrelle 
VI. Light cavalry regiment 1-2. (of the independent regiments) Col. von Braun
VII. Light cavalry regiment (-II-) 1-2. Lt. Col. Ruquier
VIII. Rgt. Küirassieren (6) 1-2. Col. von Löwenstern

Independent units

Volunteer Jäger Rgts. 1-2 (2 battalions each)
Selbständig Grenzer Rgts. 1-2 (3 battalions each)
Artillery Rgts. B-C (2 batteries each)
Pioneer Rgt. VI. bat. 1-3

Newspapers and posters in the bigger towns have shown the words of the First Elector:

"We are going to war, my people. The Electors do not take any more insults from the scoundrel Böhnstadter: our land must belong to the people who deserve it. This war would require much manpower, but the cause is well worth the risk; and I know and feel in my heart that the good men of the Union will not hesitate and join the Army as soon as possible. God be with you,

Elector von Presser"

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